Ongoing Projects of QIF

Quaker Institute for the Future is a network organization that organizes and coordinates research projects. Some of these activities are place-based and some are conducted by email and conference calls. Some projects combine all three levels of activity.

In typical projects, participants bring together the available information necessary for dealing with the research questions identified. With analysis and discernment a synthesis of understanding is created that will help advance knowledge, witness, and action on the issues of concern. Participants have engaged with each other in various configurations for the creation of books, pamphlets, reports, videos, workshops, and conferences (see Publications page)

Click here for a PDF brochure on QIF’s activities.

The Summer Research Seminars bring participants together to share their ongoing work and benefit from collective discernment on issues of concern. Seminars have been held in Bar Harbor, Maine, Berkeley, California, Durango, Colorado, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Denver, Colorado, Ithaca, New York, and West Falmouth, Massachusetts Click here to download the brochure.

The Circles of Discernment program facilitates the creation of small study groups that research and analyze particular themes and concerns. Groups may be based in one or more Friends Meetings or in a regional location, or they may work through email and conference calls. The goal of a CoD is sometimes to produce a pamphlet or other text that informs readers on a critical issue, and helps equip them for witness and action.

QIF Focus Books publish the manuscripts produced by CoDs and by individual authors on themes that address the Institute’s concerns. Click here to download a display (pdf) of the Focus Books so far published.

The Moral Economy Project focused on bringing economics, science, ethics, and ecology together in a new model for the human economy – an economy that works for the well-being of the whole community of life.

The Biotechnology Project has been concerned with creating readily accessible information for Friends and others, and seeks to create resources for participation in public policy decision-making on bio and nanotechnologies.