Circles of Discernment Listings

Two QIF Circles of Discernment are working toward preparing QIF Focus Books, and new sets of concerns may become Circles.

1) Toward a Life-Centered Economy: Restructuring our Money Economy, by John Lodenkamper, Judith Streit, Paul Alexander, and Pete Baston. A Life-Centered Economy values our individual lives – our time on earth between birth and death – and our relationship to the communities in which we live. It values our connections with family, friends and coworkers, and also the wider community of our networks with houses of worship, civic organizations and special interest groups, including the growing virtual community via social media. It also values the plant and animal life that we share on planet earth, and upon which all human life depends. This Circle of Discernment is exploring ways to shift from the present Money-Centered economy, which seems so pervasive andpowerful, to a Life-Centered Economy. The Circle meets on a regular basis in Colorado with participants from both Mountain View and Boulder monthly meetings.

2) Energy Choices: Opportunities to Make Wise Decisions for a Sustainable Future, by Robert Bruninga, with Charles Blanchard, Frank Granshaw, and Judy Lumb. This QIF CoD has been examining how individuals can get and use energy sustainably. Governments, faith groups, and others can point the way, but individuals are the consumers of energy. The actions of individuals accumulate and have a huge effect on society, and this cumulative effect is already evident. Per capita electricity use in the U.S. peaked in 2005, for example, and by 2014 it was back to that of 1997, despite increases in gross domestic product. Every change we make, even changing light bulbs, has an effect. Although change to a new clean energy economy might seem daunting at the large scale, it is easy to do as individuals. There are choices that we can make starting now. In our daily lives we routinely face major milestones where we have to make significant energy decisions. As seekers of truth, the prepared mind will know the route to take.

3) Artificial Intelligence. Ed Snyder and Gray Cox offered a course at a local Acadia Senior College and at a public forum at a local library. Gray is continuing to talk and reflect on the issues. A Circle of Discernment is expected to develop.